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Collage of three art images on the Sketches, Drawings and Paintings promotional card.
Al Doggett
Sketches, Drawings & Paintings

Most recent exhibition:
October 19-21, 2007
Featuring a private, invitation-only
exhibition and reception on Friday,
and a general public exhibition on
Saturday & Sunday
At the Rainier Valley Cultural Center
3515 S. Alaska Street, Seattle, WA.

Al Doggett "Sketches, Drawings, and Paintings" was a unique event, celebrating 30 years of the works produced by Mr. Doggett.

This exhibit featured 104 drawings, sketches, experimental works, and paintings in a variety of media, many of which had never been seen before by the general public. It was welcomed by all, from the experienced collector to the casual visitor.

The "Sketches, Drawing and Paintings" exhibit was a prelude to a new series of paintings Al is currently working on titled "Family and the African Connection." This most recent, extremely successful exhibit gave Al the opportunity to sell one-third of the works he offered.